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How to Quickly Level Up in Pokémon GO

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Want to know how to level up quickly in Pokémon GO? Curious about how to unlock the newest features on each of the levels? Do you want to be sure that you’ll be able to beat other Pokémon trainers? No worries! With these tips you’ll be sure to level up faster as you race towards catching them all.

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Pokémon Go is different than classic Pokémon games and one of the most important differences is that Pokémon GO isn’t centered around making Pokémons level up, but rather you leveling up as a trainer.

How to Quickly Level Up in Pokémon GO

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When you carry out different actions on Pokémon GO you gain experience, level up and get rewards, in addition to unlocking new game features. For example, on Level 5 you can unlock gyms, potions and the ability to revive Pokémons. And the game gets really fun when you level up to unlock battles.

On Level 8 you can unlock Razz Berries, which you can use to trap Pokémons with greater ease. On Level 10, super potions appear and on Level 12 you have the option of getting Great Balls, which help you in making sure far less Pokémons get away from you. In the next few levels you can unlock the egg incubator, the Hyperpotions and many other surprises.

To reach these levels faster, here are a few quick tips for levelling up your Pokémon Go trainer.

Catching Pokémon

Well, it seems obvious that you must catch Pokémon to level up. But catching Pokémons, as far as getting experience points goes, isn’t about just getting your hands on one. There are a few ways to earn experience; you get 100 experience points for catching a Pokémon and 500 points more if you register your Pokémon in the Pokedex for the first time. But you can and should keep catching Pokémon after you’ve gotten the first one, as this will help you level up. You know all of those Zubats that keep appearing again and again? Don’t ignore them, since catching them will get you precious experience points.


Experience points are earned not only by catching Pokémon but also by throwing Pokeballs. Becoming a master at throwing Pokeballs will get you lots of experience points. A good throw will get you 10 points, 50 points for a great throw and 100 points if it’s the throw of your life. You can also get 10 more experience points if you make your Pokeball spin until it vibrates before throwing it.

Incubating eggs

Incubating eggs is another of the activities that will get you tons of experience points, so you should take a look at the Pokémon Egg Guide we’ve put together for you.


How do eggs get you so many experience points? It’s basically because in order to incubate eggs you need to walk, and walking is one primary sources of experience points. For eggs that require you to walk 2 kilometers to be incubated, you’ll get 200 experience points. For the 5 kilometer eggs you get 500 points and for eggs that require more than 10 kilometers of walking (ugh!) you’ll get an amazing 1000 experience points. This 1000-point egg is where you’ll get the most experience points in the whole game.

Evolving a Pokémon

In contrast to the original game on Nintendo DS, making your Pokémon level up won’t get you more experience points. You have to focus on evolving your Pokémon, since every time you do this will get you 500 experience points for each Pokémon that you evolve.


To evolve a Pokémon you must give it the right candy which, incidentally, you get by catching and handing the Pokémon over to the Professor. Unfortunately, the Professor doesn’t give you very much candy for doing this!

Visiting a Pokestop

Pokestops are, of course, really important on Pokémon GO and visiting them will afford you with many rewards, and not just in the form of objects. You’ll get 50 experience points just for visiting one, but if when you look for objects (balls or eggs) you’re lucky enough to find 6 or more you’ll get 100 experience points.

In a large city, where Pokestops abound, this is one of the fastest ways to make your Pokémon trainer level up.


Gyms: another source of experience for your Pokémon

Another perfect place for getting experience is the Pokémon gym. At the gym you’ll get 10 experience points just for catching a Pokémon in training mode. But if you beat the Pokémon in regular mode you’ll get a whopping 100 experience points. And if you manage to beat all of the Pokémons at a gym you’ll score an extra 50 points.

The lucky egg method

You can, of course, always accelerate your experience on Pokémon Go by using the game’s micropayments. Doing so will double your experience points for an hour and a half as long as you buy them at the store for 80 coins, or you can also wait until you get to a level where you can get them as a reward. Remember that the coins can only be purchased at the Pokémon Go store.

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