Pokemon GO announces increases in in-game prices on all platforms

Leri Koen


The developers of Pokemon GO made an announcement regarding in-game prices that upset some fans. Niantic announced that due to Apple’s Eurozone price hike, players in certain countries would see an increase in in-game prices. What has fans in an uproar is the fact that this price hike will come to all platforms, not just Apple.


Fans in Ireland and mainland Europe can expect to see those increases from today. Countries that use the pound are spared for the moment, but many others will still be affected. Pokemon Go players in Poland, Sweden, Chile, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Vietnam, and even those in the birthplace of Pokemon, Japa, will be affected by this Apple price increase.

Pokemon GO announces increases in in-game prices on all platforms

Apple may drive this increase, but Niantic has decided to increase prices across all platforms in these countries, including Android. This decision has received some pushback from fans that are upset about the increases when they don’t own an Apple device. While some fans understand this move as Niantic is trying to be fair to all players, regardless of the device they chose.

Pokemon GO announces increases in in-game prices main

The changes in Apple’s prices are significant, making it understandable that developers on this platform might have to adjust their prices accordingly. Apple tiers that charged apps €0.99 have increased to €1.99, and tiers that were €9.99 per app increased to €11.99.

Niantic has also stated that aside from these increases, they won’t be making any other changes and will monitor the impact this has and then decide how to navigate changes on a global scale.

These changes can have a significant impact on Pokemon GO and players alike, so we’ll monitor the situation to see how things develop. On a lighter side, player surveys have recently narrowed down who the least favorite Pokemon Go character is.

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