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Zapdos comes to Pokémon Go: This is how to catch her

Daniel Caceres


The time has come to catch Zapdos. Niantic has added a new series of missions to Pokémon Go. Every set of tasks, upon completion, will give you a chance to capture this legendary Pokémon bird.

Niantic hasn’t given us many details about these missions. All we know is that you’ll have to face electric and flying Pokémon (like Zapdos), including “skill-based challenges that will test your abilities as a Trainer.” You’ll have to complete this batch of missions seven times to get the chance to capture this legendary Pokémon.

If these tasks are like previous ones, there will be a lot of story-driven tasks and activities related to finding and capturing Pokémon.

Zapdos’ appearance coincides with two events. The first started on May 14 and focuses on the fighting type of Pokémon, such as Machop and Makuhita: their encounter rate will go up and users will be rewarded with double experience when they participate in gym and raid battles.

Then, on May 19, we’ll have another event where players can get triple Stardust and the spawn rate of Charmander will go up.

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Oh and don’t forget that on May 8, Latios and Latias, the legendary Pokémon duo, switched regions. If you haven’t captured the one in your region now, you better get going!

Source: Gamespot

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